I am thrilled to be a part of the journey to help you get there! Aren’t you tired of your emotions upsetting your work, relationships, quality of life, clarity and peace of mind? You are not alone. Even the most intelligent and high achieving people can struggle with managing and learning to capitalize on their emotions to become even more successful. I am here to help!

After 14 years of helping people change, emotions are where I see the majority of people get stuck. We often know logically either what to do, or what we want to change. But, if we lack clear, core emotional intelligence skills, we will get stuck and progress towards any goal will be slow and painful.

The research agrees: it is often emotional weight, turmoil, overwhelm, disappointment, emotional reactions, negative self-talk, self-judgment, fear, stress, lack of clarity, or lack of confidence that stands between us and the things we want, or the person we want to become. All of these are emotion-based issues and can be overcome through growing our emotional intelligence skills. I have dedicated my life to helping people learn to have a positive, empowering relationship with all of their emotions, and create more positive emotional experiences in their life. I am excited to help you, too! Let’s start capitalizing on your emotions and working with them to unlock your next level TODAY! The best chapter of your life might just be waiting for you!

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I love coaching, because I get to help you build your dream life! While I have a doctorate in psychology, I am not a licensed psychologist and I do not diagnose or treat any disorder or illness. I do not focus on your problems, or what is going wrong. Instead, I help you discover and create the best version of you! I work to help you be clear about identifying and defining what you need and want to change in order to achieve YOUR best life. Then, I help you become aware of research-based strategies to change thoughts, emotions, mindsets or actions that are getting in the way of you having what you want. You deserve to be the person you love being! Your future self will thank you for starting the journey today!

Who I Work With:

I work with anyone who is wanting to make a change and have an empowered relationship with their emotions, while unlocking a higher level of achievement and potential in their life! While I work with all kinds of people, I tend to work the most with people who are ambitious, high-achievers and people who respond best to structured approaches with clear action steps. I have also found my style tends to be a great fit for doctors, people in the medical field (including med students), engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Contact: 310-734-8431