“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” -Daniel Goleman

Start Your Coaching Journey By Scheduling a Strategy Session

How is this Session Structured?

The session is a chance for you to get a personalized blueprint with concrete strategies to help you move forward beyond your current obstacles. It usually starts with Dr. Ally asking you to share your goals for the session and what led you to coaching. She will then guide you through questions to unlock solutions and help you make sense of what is really holding you back. She will give feedback regarding your strengths and discuss options for your continued growth and strategy for how to reach your goals based on the principles of emotional intelligence. She may discuss options for coaching subscriptions if you feel like the session was helpful to you, and she feels like she can continue to help. If not, she will suggest other options for you.

What Commitment is Required?

A commitment to growth, change and to show up for yourself are the most important commitments you need to have to get the most out of your session! You do not need to commit to a coaching subscription to book or experience the power of a strategy session.

Will I Be Able to Have More Than One Session?

Each person is only allowed one new client strategy session. However, be sure to ask about options for additional coaching sessions during the meeting if you would like to move forward with consistent coaching.

Where Do The Sessions Take Place?

Sessions take place over phone call or zoom video. You are free to select the option that works best for you when you book.

Download Dr. Ally’s App

What Will I Learn?

This dynamic app, helps you learn all you need to know about emotions from the expert, herself! New courses added often and current courses include:

  • Essential EQ Skills: Learn 11 of the most important EQ skills to master including how to have helpful and empowering self-talk to mentor yourself through any challenge, a step-by-step process to identify specific emotions and understand what your emotions are saying, how to change emotions, the impact of your thoughts on your emotions, the impact of self-care on your emotions, becoming aware of how environments and people impact your emotions, setting boundaries and communicating effectively.
  • The Ultimate Emotions Guide: Learn exactly how 60 of the most common emotions are trying to help you every day! Stuck on an emotion? Go back to the video describing that emotion whenever you’re not sure what it’s communicating to you! This course is always available in your pocket to get you unstuck, fast!
  • How to Journal Your Emotions so You Unlock their Value in Your Life: Dr. Ally Demonstrates 10 steps to get the most out of every emotion and use them to create your advantage in life.
  • Creating Happiness: Everyone wants to be happy, but this course takes you through the steps to create happiness for yourself. No one can take it away from you!

Coming soon:

How to Create A Positive Relationship with Your Emotions

Communication and Relational Skills to Resolve Emotions

What are the Features?

The app currently includes video courses and downloadable worksheets to help you learn and practice new skills. You will be able to sign up for sessions and book sessions with Dr. Ally directly in the app. In the future, the app may also include skill tracking features, messaging and community discussion boards.

Coaching Subscriptions

Find out more about customized coaching subscriptions in your initial strategy session.

What Can Life Coaching Help Me Achieve?

Coaching is completely customizable to fit you and your goals. (Even if your goal is to find goals to work towards, that is where we start.) Sessions are 55 minutes to give you the support and tools you need on your journey!

Coaching can help you:

  • Gain Clarity, Life Direction, Meaning or Purpose
  • Achieve a More Positive Mindset
  • Grow a Business or Increase Income
  • Improve Sports or Artistic Performances
  • Build Exceptional Communication Skills
  • Understand and Manage Emotions in Positive Ways
  • Improve Relationships and Stop Negative Relational Patterns
  • Adjust to Transitions in Life
  • Create Positive Routines
  • Grow Time Management Skills
  • Increase Stress Management Skills
  • Quiet the Inner Critic and Learn to Love Yourself
  • Have a Trained “Sounding Board” to Talk Through Solutions to Challenges
  • Pursue Spiritual Growth and Awareness
What Are the Fees/Prices for Coaching Subscriptions You Offer?

I offer monthly subscriptions that range from $375- $4,995.

Can I Book an Individual Session Without a Subscription?

Yes, however, only after a coaching relationship with Dr. Ally is established and this is usually only offered to individuals who have completed several months of coaching and are looking for as needed support. Just like going to the gym to work on your physical body, is impossible to help you create consistent, sustained change without any consistent, sustained commitment. The occasional session approach can also enable someone to avoid uncomfortable aspects of needed change, or may enable a lack of follow through and commitment to yourself (often one reason people seek coaching in the first place).

What if I Need to Cancel A Subscription?

I want all my clients to succeed (and know they can), but some are genuinely not ready or willing to put in the work and that is okay, too. It is always best to discuss with me first if you are thinking you might cancel the subscription. The reasoning behind why you want to cancel could be the very thing holding you back from success and reaching your goals in many areas of life. It is clear that those who want to put in the work will always find a way, even despite financial or time constraints. I want to work with people who value my time and work as much as I do, and ultimately this is why if someone wants to cancel, they are able to do so at any time.